MPC/Vizard Foundation Award for Student Journalism Entry Criteria

The Student Journalist of the Year Award recognises and promotes excellence in Victorian student journalism. 

  1. The award has been established to promote and recognise excellence in Victorian student journalism. Accordingly entry is restricted to entries determined by the judges to have a sufficient connection with Victoria. In general, therefore, entry is restricted to students resident in, or studying in Victoria, at a recognised Victorian Educational Institution.
  2. Each entry must have been first published or broadcast in outlets available to the general public in Victoria during the year 2013.
  3. The entrant must be enrolled as a student at the time of the publication or broadcast.
  4. Entries must be submitted by no later than 5pm on Tuesday 31 December 2013
  5. Each entry must comply with the MEAA Code of Ethics and must declare any subsequent formal corrections, claims for plagiarism, or any other legal proceedings commenced in relation to the entry.
  6. Each entrant must certify that the entry is the entrant's original work.
  7. Each entrant may submit no more than one entry, either individually or as part of a collaboration.
  8. The judges reserve the right to reject an entry that in their opinion does not comply with the requirements of the award, without giving any reason.
  9. The Melbourne Press Club reserves the right to utilise and reproduce all entries submitted for the purposes of promoting the award.
  10. The judges' decision is final. Entries will not be returned and entrants should keep copies of the work submitted.
  11. Each entrant must in respect of each entry nominate one article, broadcast, or pictorial item as the primary item sort to be considered by the judges. Where the primary item forms part of a series or a package, up to two further associated items may be submitted by the entrant, to provide necessary context. If this condition is not strictly adhered to the judges may in their discretion either
      a. select one item from those submitted by the entrant as the primary item, or
      b. exclude the entry from consideration.
  12. In judging entries, the judges will utilise an appropriate combination of the judging criteria utilised for the Quill Awards (refer to the Melbourne Press Club website for details), but emphasising the characteristics of originality, impact, quality, and initiative.
  13. Entry forms must be accompanied by four tear sheets (or photocopies) of the published work, and if possible a pdf of the page (in the case of print entries). In the case of broadcast entries, CDs and DVDs are required, preferably with a transcript of the broadcast. A jpeg photograph of the entrant is also required. In the case of digital entries, a link to the webpage is required.
  14. The winner will be announced at the 2014 Quills awards night. All entrants will be notified.
  15. The prize will include:
  16. - A $3,000 cash grant to enable the winner to enhance their career prospects
  17. - Two weeks mentorship/work experience at a major media outlet
  18. - One day at each of four other major media outlets A ‘Gold Pass’ to contact any of the Melbourne Press Club committee members for career advice
  19. - 12 months membership of the Melbourne Press Club
  20. The singular term "entrant" is used in these entry criteria, but is considered to include the plural - that is, joint entries are permitted where two or more students have collaborated in compiling the item entered. In the event that a joint entry is judged to be the winning entry, however, the winners will need to agree among themselves as to the division of the prize, and must nominate in the entry form the proposed recipient of the period of work experience.