You are the Future
30 August 2012

New News: You are the Future” brought Andy Carvin (NPR), Sandra Hanchard (Swinburne Institute for Social Research) and Hal Crawford (Editor-in-Chief of Ninemsn) together to discuss what it means to be a journalist in the digital age. Patrick Hutchens reports.

Eden Riley
29 August 2012

A panel of journalists and bloggers sat down to learn what they could teach each other now the online world has made them bedfellows. Georgina Galbraith reports.

Crowdsourcing a new publication
27 August 2012

Three journalists, one businessman, a health professional and an audience. One hour to create a new online publication. Can they do it? Katherine Bransgrove reports.

Andy Carvin and Margaret Simons
27 August 2012

With only a phone, a laptop and a Twitter account, Andy Carvin reported on the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions from his home in Washington DC. Bridget Fitzgerald went along to hear Carvin give his speech on Tweeting the Arab Spring, to close the New News conference.

New Media's Upstarts
25 August 2012

As traditional media outlets face the reality of failing business models some journalists are finding favour in online startups with a twist. Katherine Bransgrove reports on 'New Media's Upstarts'.

New News

Future Journalism
25 August 2012

It is not news that news is changing. But how are the media keeping up? Bridget Fitzgerald sat in on the Future Journalism session to find out.

Insiders or Outsiders
24 August 2012

Are journalists becoming too close to politicians? Can they realistically remain outside politics? Patrick Hutchens reports on the thin line between journalists and their political confidants. The ‘Insiders or Outsiders’ panel, featuring Chris Uhlmann (ABC), Mel Fyfe (The Age), Tim Dunlop (The Drum), Sue Roff (Arts Project Australia) and hosted by academic and reporting veteran Dennis Muller explored the conflicted relationships political reporters are forced to manage…

Data Daze
24 August 2012

Turning statistics into stories has long been the job of a journalist. But as reporter Katherine Bransgrove discovers new technology is making it easier than ever to get the message to readers.

What Cost News?
24 August 2012

What is the value of journalism in a fast changing world? That was the question put to a panel of media experts at this morning’s New News panel “What Cost News?” Georgina Galbraith reports.

Mary Delahunty
24 August 2012

News professionals, academics, bloggers and citizen journalists gathered at Federation Square for the launch of the New News conference this morning. Charlotte Ryan reports from the Yarra Building.

Peter Clarke
23 August 2012

Daily headlines leave us in no doubt that journalism is a moral minefield. But what of the future? Georgina Galbraith previews tonight's event “Gotcha! - A Hypothetical in Three Acts”, in which Peter Clarke will lead a panel of media experts into an ethical battlefield with a sci-fi twist.

Bill Birnbauer
20 August 2012

Bill Birnbauer is a senior lecturer in journalism at Monash University and member of the Melbourne Press Club committee. He tells us what the New News conference can add to society’s ongoing dialogue about the future of journalism.

Craig Butt
16 August 2012

Craig Butt is a journalist with The Age and is also in charge of the New News student journalist Social Media Team. He tells us how a beautiful set of numbers can reveal so much about who we are.

Margaret Simons
13 August 2012

As the New News conference approaches, Director for the Centre for Advanced Journalism, Dr Margaret Simons, shares her thoughts on the challenges facing the media industry in Australia and her hot tips for the upcoming conference.

New New conference
31 July 2012

This website is a joint project of the Melbourne Press Club, Monash University and the University of Melbourne's Centre for Advanced Journalism. Monash University is the principal sponsor of the Melbourne Press Club. The New News Conference is presented by the University of Melbourne's Centre for Advanced Journalism.

Throughout the conference, journalism students from both universities will be reporting, filming and live-tweeting the events. Their work will be published here on the Melbourne Press Club website.

The 2012 New News conference will take place on the 24th and 25th of August at Federation Square and the Wheeler Centre as part of the 2012 Melbourne Writers Festival.

New News is an open conference, enabling the public to engage with media industry figures and academics during themed Festival events. For two days, Federation Square (Friday) and the Wheeler Centre (Saturday) will buzz with news professionals, bloggers and citizen journalists, debating the future of news gathering and reporting.