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Steve Butcher

The lone wolf in search of a good yarn - that sums up Steve Butcher.  As a natural storyteller, Steve couldn’t be better suited to court reporting, and has been doing it now for more than a quarter of a century.

Equal measures of seriousness, humour, and a thirst for the untold story have led to a colourful career that started at the Truth newspaper in 1972. It's culminated in an illustrious and ongoing stint as court reporter at The Age. The key has been a healthy dose of patience.

Jacqui Felgate

Jacqui Felgate's career is proof that it pays to be persistent.

While studying an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne, she undertook internships at the Warrnambool Standard and Leader Newspapers. At the same time, she bombarded the Herald Sun with phone calls until she got her foot in the door, winning a part-time job that was juggled with university studies. 

Fay Plamka

Having spent the first eighteen months of her life in a Displaced Person’s camp in Germany, Fay Plamka has always felt the need to be compassionate. For the past eight years, she has worked as a court illustrator, and she reserves a great deal of compassion for the people she draws.

Rafael Epstein

A distinguished investigative reporter for The Age [now 774 ABC Radio], Walkley Award winner and former Europe Correspondent, Rafael Epstein was baptized in journalism through a cadetship at the ABC, which he scored in 1995.

Russel Robinson

The rigours of journalism see many seasoned reporters move to public relations or retire but that’s not something Herald Sun investigative reporter Russell Robinson sees himself doing – even after 40 years at the coalface of daily journalism.

Claude Forell

Age stalwart and longtime Good Food Guide editor Claude Forell is one of the Melbourne Press Club’s longest running members.

Heather Ewart

In a diverse career that has encompassed print, radio and television journalism, Heather Ewart has reported in bureaus in Canberra, London, Washington and Brussels.

Robert Gottliebsen

The founding editor of BRW and now Associate Editor of Business Spectator, Robert Gottliebsen has been a part of the media industry in Australia for more than 50 years.

Keith Moor

Award winning journalist and Herald Sun Insight editor Keith Moor has been working in newspapers since he was fifteen.

Jane Cowan

The ABC's North America correspondent, Jane Cowan, has been working in the media for less than a decade. But in that time, she's built up a stellar reputation as a journalist and has collected a number of prestigious awards.