Claire Wardle's social media training

We’ve profiled a number of useful online journalism resources over the last few months, but there often isn’t space here to give each one more than a short introduction. Many of these tools have a bit of a learning curve and require you to invest a fair amount of time in them before you can use them effectively.


As always, the best approach is to jump in and test them out, but if you’re time poor or would like some assistance to ease you in, BBC social media consultant Claire Wardle’s training resources will help you get started. Her training handouts and screencasts have been designed with journalists in mind and give a detailed overview of many useful journalism tools.

Claire's website includes guides to Twitter, Facebook, getting the most out of Google searches, Google Reader, social bookmarking and multimedia tools. You can choose to flick through her training slideshows (embedded using Scribd) or watch her screencasts. Each one provides a succinct overview to help you understand the basics.

The Melbourne Press Club’s Craig Butt spoke to Claire Wardle about the importance of social media for journalists and news organizations, and some of her recommendations of the best social media tools to use.

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