Facebook + Journalists

Facebook and Journalists is a useful resource for anyone who wants to use Facebook to aid their reporting. The Facebook page, which was launched by Facebook employees earlier this year, provides a wealth of information directly to your Facebook news feed.  

Facebook and Journalists

Although Twitter is the social network that seemingly gets most of the attention, Facebook is also a very useful tool for journalists. With over 750 million active users from around the world, Facebook can be a useful way of finding and contacting sources. In recent years, information posted and exchanged on Facebook has often ended up being incorporated into news stories. For example, controversy struck the Bonds Baby Search earlier this year when parents took to the competition’s Facebook page to post abusive messages about other babies, while Ramazan Acar was dubbed the “Facebook killer” after he boasted about killing his two-year-old daughter over the social network.

Journalists can also use Facebook to engage with audiences by setting up their own professional profile pages on the site, which can be used to post links to their work and discuss stories with other Facebook users. New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof is one of the most well known journalists to have his own Facebook page, having amassed over 200 000 fans since establishing a presence on the site. Earlier this year, he used Facebook to report on the Egyptian uprisings and regularly sparks discussions among his fans.

Facebook is aware of how journalists can use the service, and so it launched the Facebook and Journalists page in April to give reporters some grounding in how to best use the social network. It includes a detailed guide for journalists interested in establishing a presence on Facebook and explains how those working in the media can best use some of its features.

Facebook and Journalists has already attracted over 80 000 fans and is regularly updated with new content. The page’s administrators often share links to articles discussing the social network’s uses as a journalism tool and encourage journalists to share their experiences of using Facebook to assist their reporting.