SoundNote is a combined sound recording and note-taking tool for the iPad that makes it easy to find the most important parts of recorded interviews or speeches.

SoundNote's homepage SoundNote allows you to record what's happening around you with the iPad's internal microphone. These audio files are stored in the iPad and can be transferred to other devices.

But what sets SoundNote apart is that it allows you to take notes simultaneously using the iPad's touch keyboard or an external keyboard.

Then, when you play back a recording, tapping a note will cause the app to skip ahead in the timeline to what was being said when you were making that particular note.

SoundNote in action on an iPad.
SoundNote in action on an iPad.

This capability makes SoundNote incredibly useful for journalists. For example, let's say you were reporting on Telstra CEO David Thodey's address to the Melbourne Press Club yesterday. Using SoundNote, you could have recorded his entire address on your iPad whilst simultaneously noting down key quotes or topics. Then, when it came to reviewing your notes to decide upon an angle for a story, you could tap on items that you'd noted down - Telstra's 24/7 Twitter plan, David Thodey's response to Google acquiring Motorola or his thoughts on the ACCC, for instance - and listen back to the relevant sections in full. This saves having to go through a separate recording in order to obtain the quotes you're after.

Likewise, if you were conducting an interview and recording it at the same time you could easily make note of each question and use the notes to bookmark the interviewee's responses.

As a standalone note-taking or sound recording app SoundNote is rather underfurnished. The iPad's microphone is a tad weak so recordings can often sound rather faint, and on the note taking front there is no handwriting recognition and you can't toggle fonts or change the text size. However, SoundNote does what it's supposed to do incredibly well, which makes it a useful tool for journalists.

SoundNote is available on iTunes for $4.95.