ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)
Archives media releases, commissioners' speeches and industry reports.

Arts & Letters Daily
An updated report of news and reviews.

Ask Jeeves
For information or links to a site covering any question you ask. Geography, history, politics, literature, social issues - will help you find the answer.

Australian Electoral Commission Home Page
Results of election and by-elections since 1996. Also details electoral funding to parties and candidates and provides maps of electorates.

Australian Governments Entry Point
Provides links to all Australian governments, legislation etc. Through this site you can access politicians, departments, media releases and speeches.

Australian Legal Information Institute (access to all electronic court records)
Provides access to most electronically-stored court information, including judgments in many jurisdictions, and transcripts in some cases. Provides a search facility of all records for people and corporations.

Australian Parliamentary Handbook
Who's who in parliament: office-holders, members, senators, biographies, contact details, portraits, first speeches and electorate maps.

Business Spectator
With approximately 1000 news stories posted each day, Business Spectator serves as a great resource as a niche business media website.

Deakin University Experts online expert comment? The Media Contacts Guide provides journalists with a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, guide to academic staff willing to provide comment to the media.

US dictionary, using Webster's as a base. Also answers questions about words and grammar.

More than 14,000 articles from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition have been assembled to provide free, quick and useful information on almost any topic.

A web site established by the Foundation for American Communications (US) that has links to qualified sources and background.

Industrial Relations Commission
Lists major decisions, recent awards and speeches.

Highly rated for finding media sites around the world, as well as plenty of articles and debates on all aspects of the industry from convergence to classifieds, editing and reporting to ethics and design.

Reporting it Right: guidelines for portraying people with a disability
Developed to assist journalists and communications professionals to portray people with a disability both sensitively and appropriately.

Online version of Roget's Thesaurus.

Victorian Hansard
Hansard back to 1991, and a search facility.

Web Central
Guide to electronic and print resources for journalists. 

The World Press Institute
The Minnesota-based WPI is devoted to fostering the free press. Its two main activities are offering four-month fellowships for journalists to visit the United States and a new WPI Network of journalists from 45 countries to help each other find stories and share research.

World Press Photo
Based in Amsterdam, this web site includes international award-winning pictures as well as articles and newsletters on professional issues for photographers.


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