24 March 2014
The winner of this year's Quills Twitter Competition has been announced.
24 March 2014
The 2013 Student Journalist of the Year is Aliyah Stotyn from Melbourne University.
21 March 2014
The publication of secret tapes revealing deep divisions within the state government which led to the downfall of Premier Ted Baillieu, has won Herald Sun reporter James Campbell, Victoria’s top journalism prize.


Justin Smith
28 May 2012

Talkback radio may be home to some of the biggest names, and egos, in the media, but 3AW’s Justin Smith says they’re overshadowed by the true stars of the medium: the humble callers.

Steve Doig
25 May 2012

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Steve Doig addressed The Age journalists on Wednesday 23 May and Herald Sun journalists the following day on the benefits of d