Best Features Photograph

George Salpigtidis
Herald Sun

The Herald Sun's George Salpigtidis has won the 2012 Quill Award for Best Features Photograph.

Salpigtidis' winning photograph drew together two A-League rivals for a stunning pre-season action shot.

There were no highly commended entries in this category.

Judges' statement

As Salpigtidis states in his entry statement ‘’getting such high profile players from rival Melbourne ‘A League’ teams to the beach – at sunset – was half the battle.

The image is well conceived and executed, which probably account for the run it received on the back page of the paper and not inside.  The image is perfectly lit (not always possible with sportsmen), freeing both players in mid-air, chasing the elusive round ball, on the eve of the ‘A League’ season.  It is a pity the sunset was cropped out for publication!

Winning Entry