Best News Camera Coverage

Glenn Edwards
Nine News

Nine News's Glenn Edwards has won the 2012 Quill Award for Best News Camera Coverage.

Edwards' winning entry showed him saving a lost autistic child from a river, employing his skills as both a cameraman and a trained lifesaver to save the boy while the camera was rolling.

Judges' statement

Glenn took the initiative to scout nearby waterways after police said the autistic child had a fascination with water.  On discovering the child in the water, he locked off the camera, swam to save the child, then continued to shoot while soaking wet. 

A great example of a cameraman being in the right place at the right time aswell as having the foresight to capture the moment.  Glenn’s actions saved the child from certain harm and the pictures were memorable and compelling. 

Highly commended

Seven News' Damian Shine was highly commended for the award.

Judges' statement

The dramatic pictures of the banks of the river collapsing into rising waters.  It was a great example of moment of impact and exclusive pictures. 

Winning Entry