Best News Photograph

Alex Ellinghausen
The Age

The Age's Alex Ellinghausen has won the 2012 Quill Award for Best News Photograph.

Alex's winning photograph depicted Prime Minister Julia Gillard being dragged away from the 2012 Australia Day protests.

Judges' statement

Ticks all the boxes on so many levels, news awareness to put yourself in the right spot and then execute despite the huge security detail associated with the PM and her opposite number.  The incident itself, Australia’s female PM ‘dragged’ through protestors, led all news services across multiple platforms on the day, made international bulletins and was the subject of discussion for days after.

You always know you have a great news pic, when the newspaper cartoonists fall over themselves to put their own spin on your great pic – the PM lost a shoe in the incident.

Highly commended

Highly commended for this category were Justin McManus of The Age and the Herald Sun's George Salpigtidis.

Judges' statements


Another spot news event, perfectly captured by McManus, which speaks volumes for his ‘news sense’ as much as it does for ability and patience with his camera.  An image the Liberals would’ve preferred not to grace the front page of The Age.

A NIGHT AT THE BOXING: George Salpigtidis, Herald Sun

This Danny Green fight in Melbourne brought a cross section of the community relaxing at a VIP table, that usually go out of their way, to guard their privacy.

It’s interesting that when this image ran in the Herald Sun across two pages, it didn’t carry a by-line.  Giving the
heavyweight calibre of the individuals featured, we an understand why – well seen George.

Winning Entry