Best Use of the Digital or Online Medium

Finn Bradshaw, Alistair Paton, Sam Landsberger & Gilbert Gardiner
Herald Sun

The Herald Sun's Finn Bradshaw, Alistair Paton, Sam Landsberger and Gilbert Gardiner have won the 2012 Quill Award for Best use of the Digital or Online Medium.

The winning entry was the Herald Sun's online AFL coverage.

Judges' statement

The footy bible for fan.  Easy to navigate, packed with stats, facts and profiles presented using the full suite of multimedia tools, with a keen sense of storytelling that was consistent across the season.  And it doesn’t ignore what journalism is there for – to break stories with regularity. 

Highly commended

Emily Webb, Michelle Rose, Eugene Hyland, Chris Kelly of Leader newspapers were highly commended for the award.

Judges' statement

A classy effort from the suburban team.  A well-thought package using minimal resources, maximising local knowledge, contacts and news sense.  The team’s passion for the project shines through.

Winning Entry