RACV Transport Quill

Amelia Harris
Herald Sun

Herald Sun's Amelia Harris has won the RACV Transport Quill for 2012.

Harris won the award for her story "65 Rogue Truckies", which revealed rorting in which hundreds of truck drivers were fraudulently issued heavy vehicle licences. 

Harris also won the RACV Transport Quill with the Herald Sun's Stephen Drill at the 2011 Quills.

Judges' statement

Harris’s story revealed 650 truck drivers who were allegedly illegally licenced on Victorian roads.

Her story was a genuine exclusive with a tight turnaround.  The story placed pressure on the government and Vicroads to review agreements with accredited testing providers.  This story has ongoing ramifications.

Highly commended

Highly commended for the award was Seven News' Brendan Donohoe.