Best Camerawork

Rohan Wastell
Seven News

Rohan Wastell has won the Quill for Best Camerawork.

Judges' statement

Acting as the pool cameraman for all networks, Seven cameraman Rohan Wastell was taken into the fire zone and shot dramatic images that really depicted what people experience inside those areas. He gave viewers the sensation of being in a bushfire - you could almost feel heat from the images and sense the level of panic amongst people trying to save their properties. It was extremely dramatic. Rohan is an experienced camera operator all networks were comfortable placing in this situation and he demonstrated his skill and rewarded them with these pictures.

Highly commended

Highly commended were Matthew Burchett of Seven News and Daniel McPherson of Today, Nine Network.

Judges' statements

Mathew's pictures were a great example of getting the right shot at the right time under intense deadline pressure. They were dramatic exclusive images of frontline police work.

Daniel's were beautiful crafted images captured under extraordinary difficulty and it required great physical exertion as well as skill as a cameraman.

Winning entry