Best Three Headlines in any Medium

Adrian Nesbitt
Herald Sun

Adrian Nesbitt of the Herald Sun has won the Quill for Best Three Headlines in any Medium.

Judges' statement

A great set of headlines. “Easy, Rider” – a comma is a much-maligned thing, but it works brilliantly here. “Chopper plans for the ear-after” – very clever word play given his imminent demise ... and no ears! “The long kick goodnight” – analogy that works pretty well, especially if the reader knows the movie. Also the Neeld saga went on so long ... you get the "picture".  The artwork great as well.

Highly commended

Highly commended was Louise Browne of the Cranbourne, Whittlesea & Bayside Leader.

Judges' statement

These headlines speak beautifully to the pictures.

Winning entry

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